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About Us

We are a group of youths from the areas of Technology and Information System (IST) and Human Resources (HR). And like all professionals, we are always alert to new opportunities. And this is where we want to act. How many sites are you required to search for job vacancies? Which companies/recruiters exist? Where to look for?
These are issues that all professionals face when searching for new job opportunities.

We want to provide a «meeting point» for all profisionais of IST, HR, Engineering and Economics / Management. Specifically, a portal of reference, transparent and impartial for these areas.

How do we propose to achieve this goal?

  1. All advertisers must be registered on the portal for publishing job vacancies. Although the portal allows to publish anonymous job vacancies , we ensure that all advertisers are registered with an address e-mail address from a recognized company/recruiter.
  2. At the same time, and since advertisers are fully autonomous to publish their job vacancies, we monitor the activity of the portal to ensure the reliability of its content.

We strongly believe in this project and we are convinced that all those who seek a new career opportunity will be most benefited.