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Privacy Policy

Last modified: October 19, 2008


The portal «carreirasOnline.com» takes seriously the privacy and data protection of its advertisers and users.

The portal «carreirasOnline.com» assures its advertisers and users privacy in the data provided to the available services, and only requests and collects the data necessary to deliver the service in accordance with the explicit in the portal and user options. Upon request, the advertiser/user has the right to obtain access, rectification or erasure of the available data.

Next, we present the practice of information processing that we have adopted for the portal «carreirasOnline.com», including how the information is collected, how it is used and with whom it is shared.

Under the registration on the portal «carreirasOnline.com», we take to advertisers and users of the portal the following commitments:

  • Collect only the information necessary and relevant to the purpose for which they are intended;
  • Allow the advertiser/user to correct the registered information about himself;
  • Do not use the data collected for purposes incompatible with the collection;
  • Keeping data accurate and, if necessary, current;
  • Ensure the express consent of the advertiser/user, whenever required;
  • Ensuring the right to erase data, free of cost, whenever requested by the advertiser/user;

Personal Information

Generally, the portal «carreirasOnline.com» can be visited without having to disclose any personal information. However, there are areas of the portal where users need to provide an email in order to use the services provided there.

The services of the portal «carreirasOnline.com» which need the introduction of personal data or referring to their company, triggered by initiative or demonstration of interest of users, are:

  • Registration for advertisers for accessing the management panel of job vacancies;
  • Subscribe to newsletters;
  • Recommend page;
  • Report Abuse.

The advertiser may choose to register on the site and provide personal data such as name, email, etc., Which are required for access to its panel management.
The user may choose to provide his personal data, such as name, email, etc., Which may be required to subscribe to alerts and Newsletter of the portal.

The data collected by the portal «carreirasOnline.com» are placed on the informatic system that treats them, and where they will be automatically processed, intended for management of the portal services.

The portal «carreirasOnline.com» guarantee to the registered advertisers the possibility, under Law No. 67/98 of October 26th, to access their personal data through the personal page and proceed to update and correction using the option «Edit Profile».

Registration of users and reserved area

Advertisers registration allows them to access various services of the portal «carreirasOnline.com», such as the management of their job vacancies.
The application requires the introduction of a password and an email address, to which will be sent a link to validate and verify the registration. This password ensures the advertiser access to the management panel, in the reserved area of the portal «carreirasOnline.com».
The subscription allows, users, the access to several information services of the portal «carreirasOnline.com«, such as:
to subscribe to alerts or subscribe to the newsletter. The application for subscription requires the introduction of an email address, to which will be sent a link to validate and confirm your subscription request.

Data provided by advertisers and users will only be used in achieving the selected services for which they were provided and will not be added to any distribution list, made available to other entities or used to send information not related.


The reserved area is protected by a password, which will be indicated by the advertiser at registration time. Case the advertiser forgets his password, he can change it indicating his email address on the portal «carreirasOnline.com».

For security reasons, we recommend the use of a password with six or more characters.

Best practice: A good password should contain letters, numbers and special characters and should not be a common word or easily detectable.

The password is personal and non-transferable, the advertiser has the full responsibility for its misuse.

Other Services

Other services that may appear later and which require the introduction of personal data are covered by this privacy policy.

Safety and Information Quality

Our aim is to ensure the quality and integrity of the information provided by advertisers of the website, taking us to implement the necessary measures, both on technological and organizational level in order to keep the information secure, accurate, current and complete.

Sharing of personal information

The personal information collected on the portal is used exclusively by the portal «carreirasOnline.com» for the purposes specified in each case. Except as expressly consented, personal information will not be shared with third parties, nor in a manner different than the purpose for which it was collected.

Links e Ads

This portal contains links to other sites. The portal «carreirasOnline.com» is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such sites.

Despite the team of the portal «carreirasOnline.com» monitors the ads published, to ensure the reliability of the content of the website, the informations of each ad are the responsibility of the own advertiser.
To minimize the number of fraudulent ads, only registrations from advertisers whose email addresses are from recognized companies/institutions will be accepted. Any registration with an «unidentifiable» email (for example, @google.com, @sapo.pt, @yahoo.com, etc.) will be potentially be rejected.

Statistical Record

IP addresses of all connections to the website «carreirasOnline.com» are recorded. This information will be used to analyze aggregate statistics, and will not be established any relation with the service and the interactions with advertisers and users.

The portal «carreirasOnline.com» will monitor all the statistical information on this portal usage in an aggregate and anonymous manner. The information used for this purpose does not contain data of personal identification nor private information.

Analysis from the aggregate statistical information will be made to interpret the use of this site and improve, in a continuous manner, service levels and satisfaction of advertisers and users. The aggregate statistical information resulting from tests carried out may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

we will post any Privacy Policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice. Each version of this Privacy Policy will be identified at the top of the page by its effective date.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us any time.