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The «carreirasOnline.com» Social Network consists of:

A. the «carreirasOnline.com» profile;
B. the «Carreiras Online Portugal» group;

A. What is the « carreirasOnline.com » profile?

It aims to be a group of Portuguese people who wish to establish professional contacts.

We invite all professionals to connect to our «carreirasOnline.com» profile on your favorite social network.
1. Create a profile on one of the social networks, case you do not have one yet;
2. Connect yourself to our profile. Invite us through the respective e-mail;
3. Wait for your invitation to be accepted.

From now on you will be connect to our profile. Congratulations, you are now part of the «carreirasOnline.com» social network.
What now?

See other members connected to «carreirasOnline.com».
Ask us to be introduced to other members.

B. What is the « Carreiras Online Portugal » group?

If you do not wish to connect to our profile, but still want to connect and collaborate with other professionals, then be part of this group. This group is where followers of our website can connect and collaborate. It aims at joining together all that are looking for new opportunities and want to be connected to other professionals and recruiters.

Feel free to joint us.

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